Anti-ram barriers are designed and built in order to provide security and perimeter safety from multiple types of vehicles. Ideal MFG Inc. constructs and produces these barriers with the same precision and quality as the other manufactured products we carry. In order to provide maximum safety and meet guidelines regarding government buildings and anti-terrorism regulations, they are often required to be built or installed on existing properties. All of the barriers or bollards we build are crash tested and approved by the US Department of the State. Our goal is to not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look on the property, but to install something guaranteed to protect people and assets that need extra security.

We will build and customize any anti-vehicle barrier to meet the look, design and parameters our client’s desire. Since 1960, we’ve been providing a diverse range of products to residential and commercial properties. Our history and experience separate us from other manufacturing companies. Because of our commitment to quality products and exceptional service we’ve been privileged to expand our business and provide innovative solutions for securing perimeters and developing new anti-ram barriers.

If you have any questions regarding our barriers or the other products we can offer please feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form to have one our representatives contact you.